Carpet Cleaning

Offering a deep and thorough steam method of carpet cleaning allows us to extract and remove the deep and locked in dirt that has built up in the intricate fibers of your carpet. Looking at the hot, dirty water that we remove from your carpet will be indicative of the inefficiencies of vacuuming. Although vacuuming is necessary for light cleaning and daily pickup of small debris, it simply does not offer the deep cleaning and removal that carpet cleaning provides.

At Crystal Clean Five Star Professional Window & Carpet Cleaning, we have seen some dirty jobs in our twenty years of experience. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and allergens will find a way to grab on to your carpet and not let go. Saying that the filth hiding in your carpet is disgusting is an understatement. Our carpet cleaners take carpet cleaning very seriously, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle by preventing you from breathing in dirt and filth in your home. Steam carpet cleaning offers a thorough and effective solution that is sure to remove unwanted filth and have you breathing clean air.

The fibrous and tightly woven texture of your carpets can allow dirt and dust to stay in them much longer than you wanted them to. Extracting hot water from your carpet with deep steam cleaning will losing the dirt, and remove it from your carpet. This deep carpet cleaning must be done on somewhat of a regular basis, to prevent buildup of dirt and potential damage to your expensive carpet.

Serving the Denver Metro community has been our pleasure over the past two decades, and we intend on continuing to do so. Bring us in to deep clean your carpets and rugs and get back that fresh feeling that it once had. Your home or business has its own personality – let it shine with carpets and rugs that have a fresh aroma and a clean appearance.

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